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Cool Ways to Leverage the DirXperts Tool

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Dale Alford

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Posted: 15 Oct 2002

Here's one of the entries submitted for the Cool Tools contest that explains a couple of ways this Dale Alford leverages the many features of DirXperts to get the most out of eDirectory.

By far the coolest of the Cool Tools, as far as I am concerned, is the DirXperts package.

1) We have installed the message of the day to put up a Network Access Agreement reminding the users what is expected of them and stating the workplace policies that must me adhered to. They then get the choice to agree and log in or disagree and have their PC shut down. This way there is no forgetting our code of conduct. Occasionally I will change the message to advertise an upcoming event.

2) We use the LDAP contextless login to make it easier for users to move around the office to another person's PC and log in to the network. This allows then to move from department to department without having to remember their context. A big timesaver, that eliminates with a lot of login-related helpdesk calls. It also works as a gentle reminder to the users to actually remember their userid as they need to type it in and hit tab every morning.

3) We also use the advanced password settings to ensure that password security is enhanced by limiting the amount of consecutive and sequential numbers that can be allowed, etc.

In all, a beautiful little suite of products, and even better , it's FREE.

My compliments to the writer, well done.

To check out DirXperts for yourself, here's where we keep it tucked away:

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