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Constructing a Member Query for a Dynamic Group

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Posted: 31 Oct 2002

Code corrected 6 Nov 2002 by Erwin Stam

Here's a question we plucked from the forums about member queries and dynamic groups.


How could I construct the member query attribute for a Dynamic Group easily? I found that Novell Portal Services (NPS) is a great way to do that, but now, I want to create a Dynamic Group in a Directory with no NPS installed. So, how can I do that?


You can use LDIF:

dn: cn=dg1,o=myorg   
changetype: add   
objectClass: dynamicGroup   
memberQueryURL: ldap:///o=myorg??sub?cn=*
dgidentity: cn=admin,o=myorg

See this article for full description of how to use and manage dynamic groups:

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