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Adding Custom Tabs to eGuide

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Will Peterson

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Posted: 14 Nov 2002

If you would like to modify the tabs in eGuide -- or even add new tabs of your own making -- here's a tip to get you started.

While they coded the XSL for eGuide, the engineers embedded a couple of demo tabs that you can learn from. They're commented out so all you have to do is uncomment them, refresh your templates and look at the change. Then use your imagination to modify the code to your liking.

Here's the step-by-step:

  1. Locate the correct detail.xsl file.

  2. Make a backup copy of the file.

  3. Open detail.xsl in your favorite text editor.

  4. Look for the commented sections that start with:
  5. and
       <!-- DEMO : ADD 'GOOGLE' TAB

  6. Remove the beginning (<!--) and ending (-->) comment tags.

  7. Refresh your templates (you may need to restart eGuide to get your templates to refresh).

  8. Check out your changes.

Please note, it's important that you back up your templates before making any changes. If you end up needing technical support to resolve an eGuide problem, the support technician will probably have you "roll back" to the shipping templates in order locate and troubleshoot the problem. For more information on this and other eGuide topics see:

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