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Deleting Duplicate Objects from a Remote Replica

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Posted: 5 Dec 2002

The Situation
From the forums: How do I get rid of a duplicate object that sits on a remote replica? I can't delete it from DSBrowse, and I can't seem to get NWAdmin to query this replica for information. How do I best go about deleting this object which sits in just this replica?

The Resolution
The problem is that the creation timestamp is used as a type of unique key to identify an object. If you delete the extra object, it might be possible that you delete the other one as well. The proper way to get rid of those extra objects is:

  1. Replicate the object to all servers that have a replica of the partition. This can be done from DSBROWSE -A / send object, or from DSREPAIR by doing a send

  2. Once the object is on all replicas, move it to a different container. This will cause the object to receive a new timestamp

  3. Finally, once the object has finished moving, delete it

In order to be able to properly manipulate the "duplicate" object, you first have to make sure it exists in every replica so that the normal obituary process can handle it.

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