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Posted: 6 Dec 2002

eDirectory install fails or hangs on Windows 2000 Server.
Error -785 during eDirectory install on Windows NT/2000 Advanced Server.
Dhost times out trying to add a server to the tree.

Errors during install, such as:

Object: Driver@2b54f6
Fatal: Unrecoverable error in driver.mainHallway().

Object: Driver@2b54f6
Fatal: null

Object: Driver@2b54f6
Fatal: java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.novell.application.install.pkis20.PkisInstallProduct.applySettings(PkisInstallProduct.java:645)
at com.novell.application.install.InstallNode.spApplySettings(InstallNode.java:3916)
at com.novell.application.install.Driver.doInstallSettings(Driver.java:3923)
at com.novell.application.install.Driver.doInstallSettings(Driver.java:3921)
at com.novell.application.install.Driver.doInstallSettings(Driver.java:3921)
at com.novell.application.install.Driver.mainHallway(Driver.java:1825)
at com.novell.application.install.WizardFrame.serviceOnNext(WizardFrame.java:276)
at com.novell.application.install.WizardFrame.run(WizardFrame.java:232)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:466)

There can be problems adding a Windows 2000 server with eDirectory into an existing tree while having IPX bound.

If there is no IPX network number assigned to the NWLINK protocol, which by default is all zeros, DHOST will try to communicate via IPX and timeout.

The default of all zeros for IPX network caused the install of eDirectory to hang.

Uninstall the Novell client and re-install with "IP only" configured.
Assign an address to the IPX network.

For more details or updates to this technical information see TID-10069736.

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