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Finding Deleted iFolder Directories

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Todd Kyrk

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Posted: 20 Apr 2004

PROBLEM: Locating deleted iFolder user server directories. Once an ID is deleted and you did not remove the ifolder data for the user, how do you find this unused data that is on the Server?

SOLUTION: Down your Server without bringing down iFolder, and the next time iFolder runs it will run a consistency check on all the user databases. Then go to the iFolder directory where your user directories are store and open the Error.log file, look for the lines "Last session did not shutdown properly!" and "Checking user accounts" The lines that follow show all the directories and their user login ID. You can use this list to go delete all the old user directories.


04/14/03 10:36:53 Last session did not shutdown properly!
04/14/03 10:36:53 Checking user accounts...
04/14/03 10:36:53 1/121. Checking pfriera/home 5A24193C07FDBB77A9733F4924773D74
04/14/03 10:36:53 2/121. Checking callast/home 1947D80ABF575BAB17BC08F552667ACA
04/14/03 10:36:53 3/121. Checking fujitst/home

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