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iMonitor Configuration for eDirectory 8.7 on UNIX

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Posted: 12 Dec 2002

Here's some info from the support team for those of you using 8.7 on UNIX systems. For details and updates, see TID-10077585.

Bottom line is there are a few subtle differences in iMonitor configuration in eDirectory 8.7 from eDirectory 8.6 on UNIX platforms. Here's what they are and how to prepare for them:

Changes in ndsimon.conf do not take effect after upgrade to eDirectory 8.7.


  1. iMonitor now reads /etc/ndsimon.conf. In eDirectory 8.6, it was read from /usr/share/ndsimon/ndsimon.conf.

  2. Port configuration settings such as HttpPort: and HttpsPort: in the ndsimon.conf file are no longer valid. This is because ndsimon is now accessed through the HTTP stack, just as it was for eDirectory 8.6 on NetWare. ndsimon no longer actively listens on a port.

  3. A HTTP server object has been introduced to assist with configuration of the HTTP stack. It appears as a HTTP Server - servername in the same context as the NCP server object. The default parameters for the HTTP clear text and HTTP TLS ports are 80 and 443 respectively. These can be changed by modifying the values of the httpDefaultClearPort and httpDefaultTLSPort attributes of the HTTP server object.

  4. Modifications to HTTP server object HTTP attributes are read from eDirectory upon restart of ndsd and are written to the /etc/nds.conf file (e.g. http.server.clear-port= x)

  5. Once present in the nds.conf, the HTTP parameters may be modified and will take precedence over the HTTP Server object configuration in eDirectory; however, HTTP information will not be updated in eDirectory. Note that the settings in nds.conf will be overwritten upon subsequent changes to attributes of the HTTP Server object.

  6. The ndsconfig get command is useful for verifying the active configuration for a running instance of eDirectory.

For best results, it is recommended that all of the desired settings for iMonitor are present in /etc/ndsimon.conf. Changes to the clear text and TLS ports used to access iMonitor should be made through the corresponding attributes in the HTTP server object.

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