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Backing up eDirectory on Linux

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Posted: 18 Dec 2002

Here's a few tips we picked up in the forums for those of you wanting to back up your Linux-hosted eDirectory systems. If you have another technique, chime in.

Grass Roots
The beauty of eDirectory on a UNIX/Linux platform is you can tar and zip the DIB directory. This is exactly how the backup procedure works using

To restore, you can rename the original DIB folder, unzip/tar the archived DIB directory and start up eDirectory. Another option is to unzip/tar the directory to another location, then edit the dibdir path in /etc/nds.conf to point to the new path. This also works, if you want to have multiple trees on a box, by renaming the appropriate file to nds.conf for the tree/dibdir path that you wish to start.

Be sure to check out ndsbackup. Type "man ndsbackup" and to see the usage info. Essentially, ndsbackup allows you to make backups of NDS but not by grabbing the files off the disk. It uses NDS APIs to create a backup which allows you to perform single object restores, or subtree restores.

You can combine both methods.
- a weekly tar -z, with >3 generations of backups
- a daily ndsbackup of the whole tree

The weekly tar allows you to backup the NDS structure and data (to save you from creating a new DIB set if the files get corrupted). The LDIF backs up the data for quick restore of items that are accidentally deleted, etc.

There are more options for 8.7, including live backup.

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