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Connecting Managers to their Reports with LDIF

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Posted: 30 Dec 2002

The Problem
I am trying to LDIF our manager list into eDirectory so we can use the Org. Chart functionality of eGuide. If I just import the managers, the link to the direct reports is not made. If I look at the manager's object to see who the direct reports are, there appears to be none. But if I add a manager to a user using ConsoleOne, and then check the manager's ID, the direct report is filled with the correct ID. Is ConsoleOne doing the extra step for me? Is there a way for me to get the same functionality with an import?

The Solution
ConsoleOne is automatically handling the reciprocal of your manager assignment. It performs a similar function when you put a user into a group or edit a group to contain a new user (in those cases, it also sets some rights assignments).

If you use LDAP, you must handle the reciprocals yourself. Since there is a one to one relationship, you can write a script (using something like Perl) to analyze all of one side of your relationship assignments (like manager) to generate a new LDIF file with all the directReports assignments.

If you want to spot check your work, then you can use the DirXML ConsoleOne snap-in. It will let you navigate an Org. Chart from the "Business Info" tab.

Also, if you plan on using eGuide, don't forget to set the isManager attribute to TRUE for every user with a directReport. Otherwise you can't drill down in eGuide, or you have to edit the eGuide template to change the behavior.

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