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Troubleshooting the Synchronizing Schema Error in Linux

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Posted: 7 Jan 2003

If you've just added eDirectory to a Linux server in an existing tree, here are a few steps to take so you won't get a "Synchronizing Schema" Error.

These steps come from the team in Novell Technical Services. For details and updates, see TID-10078328.


  • Adding Linux server hangs at "Synchronizing schema"
  • Installing eDirectory on Linux server into an existing tree hangs during "Synchronize Schema"
  • "ntpdate: no server suitable for synchronization found"
  • The Linux host can ping and be pinged by other hosts


The default Red Hat Linux installation configures medium firewall protection. All services are blocked by default. eDirectory needs ports 524, 427 and others to function properly.


If you haven't already done so, make sure you remove the Linux NCP Server object from the previous install attempt, then remove all files in the dib directory.

WARNING: Make sure you understand the implications of temporarily stopping your firewall services on the Linux box before proceeding.

Stop ipchains to temporarily disable your Linux firewall. Type the following:

/etc/init.d/ipchains stop

If this resolves the problem, then make sure your UNIX administrator opens the necessary ports for eDirectory and NTP to function properly.

For additional information on eDirectory 8.7, please see the following solution. NOVL81742 - eDirectory 8.7 Readme Addendum

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