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Upgrading to NetWare 6 from NetWare 5.1 Running eDirectory 8.7

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Posted: 21 Jan 2003

Here's a gotcha the Technical Services team solved that will come in handy if you're ready to venture up the NetWare upgrade path.

For more information or updates to this technical information, see TID-10078656.

The problem:
- NDS Error: -663
- NetWare 6 upgrade stops at the DNS configuration screen
- DS.NLM can not be loaded

The probable cause:

The upgrade process is loading a 8.6 version of DSLOADER.NLM. The 8.7 version of DS.NLM is incompatible with this version of DSLOADER.NLM.

The fix:
Before starting the upgrade, follow this procedure to force the upgrade process to use a 8.7 version of DSLOADER.NLM:

  1. At the NetWare console, type NETBASIC.

  2. At the NetWare console, type SHELL.

  3. Type <Alt> + <Esc> and switch to the NetBasic Interactive Shell

  4. Create a C:\NWUPDATE directory by typing MD C:\NWUPDATE

  5. Copy the 8.7 DSLOADER.NLM into this directory by typing COPY C:\NWSERVER\DSLOADER.NLM C:\NWUPDAT\DSLOADER.NLM

  6. Insert the NetWare 6 SP2 Overlay CD and proceed with the upgrade process

  7. When asked if you want to overwrite target files which are newer, make sure to choose 'Do not overwrite'

  8. Once the upgrade is completed, delete the DSLOADER.NLM file by typing DEL C:\NWUPDATE\DSLOADER.NLM and the NWUPDATE directory by typing DEL C:\NWUPDATE

Note: You will encounter a fatal error during the LDAP configuration portion of the upgrade. LDAP Services will continue to work correctly. However, the Apache and Tomcat configuration will not be completed. These modules will not load when the server first starts up.

Novell Engineering will address this issue in a future support pack overlay CD.

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