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Fix for Queue-Based Printing Problems

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Posted: 10 Feb 2003

If your print queues haven't been the same since your upgrade to eDirectory 8.7, here's some news for you.

Information in this document was derived from TID-10078052. For more information or updates to this information, see

Here's what it looks like:

Queue-based printing no longer appears to work on servers upgraded to eDirectory 8.7

Here's what's behind it all:

After upgrading to eDirectory 8.7, some customers have reported that bindery Print Servers were no longer servicing their queues. We (Novell Technical Services) discovered that the firmware on the printers could not handle the amount of data being returned from the Get Server Address request. Since eDirectory 8.7 runs eMBox, iManager and iMonitor this creates several URL addresses in the Network Address field for the servers. When the Print server authenticates, the first thing it does is create a service connection and then begins the authentication process by performing a Get Server Address request. In most cases, the server is expecting a limited amount of data based on firmware limitations. When the server receives a larger amount of data, (in this case over 350 bytes), it immediately destroys the service connection and tries the entire process over again; therefore, the Print Server never truly authenticates.

Here's how to fix it:

The real fix for this issue is to upgrade the firmware for your queue-based printers.

A work-around is to set NCP over UDP to "off". This will effectively remove the additional addresses and allow the Print Server to authenticate and service its queues. This is only a temporary fix, as the real issue is the limitation of the printer's firmware.

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