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Setting Up an Unattended/Remote Install of iManager 1.5

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Posted: 19 Feb 2003

The Situation

There may be certain circumstances where you will want to install iManager 1.5 remotely. The current iManager 1.5 installation requires user intervention throughout the GUI installation. If you do want to install iManager silently -- allowing you to install from a remote location -- the following needs to be performed.

Basically, you'll need to add "-i silent" (without the quotes) to the installation command line. If you want to use a properties file, you'll need to create a file called or and place it in the same directory as the iManagerInstall.jar file. Set the INSTALLER_UI=silent property in the properties file.

Example Snippets

Command line:

JAVA -CP path :iManagerInstall.jar install -i silent

Properties file:

JAVA -CP path :iManagerInstall.jar install -f

For more information and updates to this information, see TID-10078374.

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