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Posted: 17 Mar 2003

Here's a splendid piece from that showcases how one CTO uses eDirectory to save his county from serious budget woes.

Here's a clip:

Meet Bill Kannberg, CTO of Hillsborough County, FL, technology guru to 5,000 users, and leader to a dedicated networking staff of 85.

Kannberg is the new face of digital identity technology. Just over four years ago, he and a team of part-time networkers created an online portal using Novell's eDirectory, and its access management product, iChain. The portal saved county employees from having to log into some 20 different applications and databases. This saved more than just time. "We didn't have to add anyone for after-hour support," he says. "And that saved us about $500,000 a year."

The complete article can be found at:

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