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Posted: 5 Jun 2003

The Problem

Is there a way to setup an SLP Directory Agent (SLPDA) for eDirectory on Linux (preferred) or Solaris 8? edirectory is being used as a workforce tree for a global bank. We need a way for Novell clients to find services. From my understanding the host.nds file will allow servers to communicate between themselves, but we need to unicast to a DA in order find resources that are not local to the network. Is this correct?

The Solution

Sun has a Java-based SLPDA implementation for Solaris 8, but if there is a replica holder local to the clients so users can find the tree via SLP multicast (or if DNS is configured to return an address of a replica holder when queried for the tree name), then once the client is connected to the tree, they will find all other servers/services via NDS lookups and referrals, and will not use SLP anyway.

Putting a [Root] most partition in DNS is an adequate way for clients to resolve DSA requests, and this has been an option for many years now. Put the name of the TREE into the DNS system as a record that points to one or more of the replica holders, and the administrators that have the Novell client will resolve the tree name via DNS and connect that way. There is no need for an SLPDA.

To see all trees, add DNS entries for each of the different trees. Once you are connected to a single replica holder in a tree, you can find all servers/services in the tree via NDS lookups and referrals. I would also recommend putting all of the servers and services into DNS as well. If they are not yet connected to a particular tree and try to get to a service in that tree, they may not be able to find it unless they authenticate to the tree first. If all of the servers/services were in DNS, then they could go to a particular server/service and if they weren't yet authenticated to the tree where the server/service exists, they would be prompted to authenticate.

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