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Port Selection on Linux Installs

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Posted: 12 Jun 2003

The Problem

If you've run into a situation where, with a Linux install, you can't get iMonitor to use any port but 80, here's some advice.

Okay, you specified ports during install like 81 and 444 (to stay out of Apache's way on ports 80 and 443) but your system still forces iMonitor to run on port 80 -- and you're wondering "what's up with that?"

The Explanation

It seems that the UNIX daemons force port 80 unless the port is in use if the port is less than 1024. If it's greater than 1024, the port assignment works fine.

A Solution

Make a trip into the nds.conf file via ConsoleOne and modify the ports to something like 1080 and 10443. (You might have to experiment with numbers by anything greater than 1024 should work).

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