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Creating Custom Tasks

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Posted: 24 Jun 2003

The Problem

Here's a tip for those of you attempting to create a custom task that would allow the helpdesk folks to reset the Password Expiration Time attribute. The problem is, when you try and create a custom task, you cannot select Password Expiration Time (it's greyed out).

The Solution

What you can do is create a custom Property Book. This will allow you to reuse existing pages and include them in your Property Book (in your case: base.Shared_LoginRestrictions).

You can create a Property Book with a single page in it. What base.Shared_LoginRestrictions allows you to do is: Disable Account, Expiration date (and time), and concurrent connections.

  1. Create a special Module (or reuse base [not recommended]).
  2. Create a custom Book.
  3. Assign User to it.
  4. Assign the base.Shared_LoginRestrictions page to it.
  5. Choose the role you want it in.

In iManager 2.0, there's a new UI handler which allows administrators to select Login Time Restrictions and add them to your custom tasks or pages.

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