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Moving Servers Within the Tree

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Posted: 24 Jun 2003

The Problem

Are there any issues with moving servers within the tree when they hold about 30-40 replicas -- should I remove all but the replicas that are the partitions or is OK to leave all replicas on the servers? And is it best to wait until all servers are on 8.6.2 SP2 or greater?

The Solution

If possible, wait until all servers are on eDir 8.6.2, as this version is much better at handling obituaries than previous versions. Also note that processing obituaries in a mixed DS environment can be a problem; quite often obituaries gets stuck.

If it isn't possible to wait, at least try to limit the replica rings so that all servers within a replica ring have the same DS version. The server to be moved should hold a replica of the source and target partition, as that will speed things up. Other replicas existing on the server shouldn't pose a problem.

A couple of good TIDs discussing server object moves are TID 10018521 and TID 10079868.

Start by doing an NDS Health Check as per TID 10060600 to make sure all is OK. The last thing that you want is the move operation to get stuck.

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