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Who Created What and When?

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Posted: 17 Jul 2003

If you're like this reader who found a container in a tree that contains aliases for staff and students. You might be wondering, "since an alias has been created for all users, it seems to have been created by some program" and asking, "Is there any way we can find out who created it and when?"

Here's Some Advice

Wolfgang Schreiber's free Cool Tool, DSReport, will -- among other info -- show you the creator name and creation date of objects. DSBrowse will also do this.

Something Else to Consider

One thing to look at is that when you move a group of users (or any object for that matter) from one container to another, there is a checkbox in the dialog asking if you want to create an alias in the original container before moving the objects. It is possible that someone moved all the objects from one container to another and selected the "Create an alias for all objects being moved" option in the process. (This option only shows up if you move an object with ConsoleOne).

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