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Loading XNTPD Instead of Timesync During Server Startup

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By Siddharth Jagtiani

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Posted: 17 Jul 2003


How to I load XNTPD instead of timesync during server startup?

XNTPD is the implementation of Network Time Protocol Version 3 (NTPv3) on NetWare 6.5 based on RFC 1305. It is the new time synchronization service that is used to synchronize time with servers that are NTPv3 compliant.


The load sequence at stage 3 calls sys:\system\timeserv.ncf which decides between timesync and xntpd. Simply comment out the timesync line and uncomment the xntpd.

#Load Timesync

To read more about XNTPD, check out this section of the NetWare 6.5 documentation:

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