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Understanding the "Directory Tree Mode" Parameter

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By Siddharth Jagtiani

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Posted: 6 Aug 2003

The Issue

"Directory Tree Mode" parameter is not functional/missing in Timesync on CSP9 (NetWare 5.1 SP6, NetWare 6.0 SP3 and NetWare 6.5).

The Explanation

With this parameter ON, a secondary server looks up SLP to find a Timesync SINGLE server on its own eDirectory tree. On other words, if a Timesync SINGLE exists on the same eDirectory tree as the Timesync SECONDARY server, the Timesync SECONDARY server will find this server, insert it in its list of time providers, and synchronize to it.

With this parameter OFF, it will look up SLP for "any" Timesync SINGLE server regardless of which eDirectory tree it comes from. This has a potential to return an inconsistent number of servers. The first server will be selected for synchronization.

This can be a potential problem. Since there can exist test setups on the network and a OFF value can return multiple sources. Which may lead to a inconsistent and unreliable list of servers. And every poll, this SLP search is done. This would mean that the time source will change every poll. Hence this parameter was removed from Timesync.

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