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By Scott Villinski

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Posted: 14 Aug 2003

If you've ever left your e-mail address in a public place, you know that bad things can happen. The US federal trade commission wanted to see how efficient the spam machine is so they posted a single message to a newsgroup and started the timer. It was less than eight hours later that they receive their first "too good to pass up" offer via their newly created E-mail account.

Spammers have devised scripts, sometimes called spambots, that do nothing but surf newsgroups, message boards, and other areas of the Web that host E-mail addresses ready for harvesting.

One way around this problem is, where possible, to post a .gif image of your email address instead of the text version. Spambots can't read the image so they skip over it.

With Scott's solution, eGuide dynamically renders a user's E-mail addresses using a collection of images (an image for each character in the address).

Check out this novel approach to fighting spam (and grab his sample code) at

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