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Catalog Services and Contextless Logins

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Posted: 3 Sep 2003


We're rolling out the 4.83SP2 and 3.32SP2 client32 and as part of that roll out, we are setting up contextless logins using catalog services.

One of our sites is across a slow WAN link and has reported in testing that the contextless logins are very slow across the WAN.

There is a replica at this remote site -- would it be possible to set up a second instance of the catalog at that remote site and point the users to that version? Can you tell DSCAT.NLM to not come across the wire when dredging the directory and just look in it's local replica?


The existing catalog server that does the dredging can be set up to be the master, and the new remote catalog server can be configured as a slave, or secondary, so that only one server does the dredging.

If the server that is doing the dredging has replicas of the entire tree, then it should not need to talk to any other servers to do the dredge. If it does not have replicas of the entire tree, then it will use standard NDS "resolve name" requests to walk the tree to find the replicas that it needs, so it may go accross WAN links.

The master catalog server for a particular catalog can also be set up to only dredge certain sub-tree(s) within the main tree, so if the catalog at the remote site only needs information about users at that siite, it can be set up as a master of its own unique catalog, and then it only has to dredge that part of the tree and does not have to go accross the WAN link for remote replicas.

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