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Streamlining an Installation with the Clone DIB Set Option

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By Shivageetha Choodi

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Posted: 16 Sep 2003


When a new server is added to tree having large number of objects it takes lot of time for the new machine to synchronize and become fully integrated with the rest of the network.


Use the DIB Clone feature of eDirectory (which is available with eDirectory 8.7.1 and later) to ensure that the new server is synchronized with the existing server.

For Example

If a new server is added to a tree having 10 million objects, approximately 3 days are required for the new server to sync up.

If you use the DIB Clone feature, the new server takes approximately 3 hours to be in sync with the existing one, including the time taken to create the DIB files and setting up the new server.

According to the Docs

This [Clone DIB Set] option creates a complete DIB fileset duplicate of a tree and all of its objects. The clone can then be placed on another server. When the destination server initiates eDirectory, it loads the DIB fileset, contacts the master (original) replica of the tree, resolves its name, then synchronizes any changes to the DIB fileset made after the clone was created.

Although the backend for this feature shipped with eDirectory 8.7, it was not supported until eDirectory 8.7.1 running iMonitor 2.1 or later. This option does not apply to any version of Novell eDirectory or NDS prior to 8.7.

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