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ZedMon 3.20 Network and Server Monitor for Windows 2000

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By Justin Sharp

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Posted: 1 Jun 2004

Take a look at this enormously popular Free Tool that's recently been updated. So far it's gotten 24 5-star ratings, and a nice little pile of raves under Reader Comments.

ZedMon is a NetWare monitoring tool that provides network administrators with at-a-glance information on user activity, network address, logintime and protocol preference, as well as server utilization and open file information. By default, the application will list all connectionson a given server, and display the following:

  • Connection number
  • Status
  • Protocol
  • Network Address
  • Login Name
  • Login Time
  • Total Requests
  • Total Kb Read
  • Total Kb Written
  • Requests per Second
  • Kb Read per Second
  • Kb Written per Second
  • Any connection can be selected to show current open files. Server utilization is displayed in graph form. User login, address and login time can be audited, and connection information exported to CSV.


    Download ZenMon from here.

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