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Turning on Debug Screens during eDirectory 8.7 Webapps Installations

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Posted: 30 Sep 2003

Debug screens can be launched during the eDirectory webapps installation in order to gather additional information to diagnose install problems. The process depends on the platform.

NetWare: Place a file (the type will not matter) called ia_debug in the same directory as the installer and run the installer normally. The presence of this file will cause debug output to be generated in the console window.

Windows NT/2000: Hold down the control key until the initial progress bar is done (while it's unpacking).

Unix: export LAX_DEBUG=true in a shell command line prior to executing the installer

During the eDirectory install on Windows (and NetWare), there is no switch. However, you can look at the installation output while it is being generated on Windows by using the tail program (one can be found in the MKS Toolkit). Load it with the -f switch and it will display all information being written to a log file such as nioutput.txt as it is being written. You can view the output on a DOS terminal window as it is happening so that it does not need to be manually refreshed in a text editor.

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