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eDir Authentication Server Modules 2.3 (NMAS)

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Posted: 29 Dec 2003

Heads Up: there's a new maintenance release for NMAS server that ships with eDirectory. This patch is for NMAS 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2. eDirectory 8.6.1, 8.6.2, 8.7, or 8.7.1.x and NICI 2.4.0 or later must be installed before applying this patch.

It is not necessary to apply this patch to a server running eDirectory 8.7.3 or to a server that has applied CSP 10 (NetWare 5.1 sp 7, NetWare 6 sp 4, NetWare 6.5 sp 1). NMAS 2.3 already ships with these versions of eDirectory and NetWare.

The NMAS 2.1 and NMAS 2.2 clients can run against NMAS 2.3 server. However, there may be specific issues addressed in the NMAS 2.3 client that is required.

To Install

For Windows and NetWare servers, use WinZip to extract secupd1.tgz to a temporary directory on the server on which the patch will be applied.

For Unix servers, use gzip and tar to decompress and extract the tarball to a temporary directory on which the patch will be applied.

(I.E. gzip -d -c nmsrv23.tgz | tar xvf - )

Unix users can verify download integrity by running cksum on the nmsrv23.tgz file.

cksum output should be:

2766856487 22788302 nmsrv23.tgz

After extracting the file, refer to the following for additional platform specific installation instructions.

  • NetWare: ./NMAS2.3/nwinst.txt
  • Windows: ./NMAS2.3/wininst.txt
  • Unix: ./NMAS2.3/unixinst.txt

To Download

For complete instructions, and to download these files, see TID 2967711

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