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Making HP Jetdirects Work After eDirectory Upgrade

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By Todd Carter

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Posted: 7 Jan 2004

We found that HP Jetdirects were not attaching to the server after eDirectory 8.7.1 was installed and sp1 was applied. The problem was that the print servers would not connect to the server after the upgrade. Here's how we solved the problem.

You have to unload DS.NLM and load DS.NLM after the final reboot. After the unload and reload of DS.NLM the print servers will attach to the server again and printing will work through the HP Jetdirects.


  1. Install eDirectory 8.7.1 - you will reboot twice.
  2. Install eDirectory 8.7.1 sp1 - you will reboot again.
  3. Unload DS.NLM - type command at console prompt.
  4. Load DS.NLM - type command at console prompt.

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