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Connecting IPX Servers Despite Linux Firewall

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By Jose Eduviges Rivas

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Posted: 24 Jun 2004

We needed to connect two NW51 servers using a leased line, under IPX protocol using Cisco 1700 routers. The IP routing wasn't useful because a Linux firewall stopped the clean networking traffic.


See the IPX address of the servers. At the router console run:

Router#configure terminal
Router(config)#ipx routing 0002.b9a5.be8e (example for our server, each router must have different server address)
Router# interface fastethernet0 (select the eth of the router to configure)
Router(config-if)# ipx network ABP627 (the Novell NIC IPX address. When connecting to the other router put the respective address.)

Finally, when ACL Access List are deployed, include the commands:
#conf t
#dialer-list 1 protocol ipx permit
Router# copy running-config startup-config (save the configuration)

Now the PCs can map the remote SYS NetWare server.

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