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Update NDPS Printers after Tree Merge

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By David Ralph

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Posted: 2 Mar 2004

Ever do a tree merge only to find that your NDPS printers won't print? Bummer. Here's how you can update NDPS printers after a tree merge if they are not printing.

Scenario: I have multiple campuses in a school district that are being merged from many individual trees into one tree. Some computers will not print to NDPS printers after merging trees. These are all computers that are located some distance from the printer based on hubs and switches. When looking at the PRINTER CONTROL PANEL, PROPERTIES and DETAILS, it is noticed that the printer port is set to NDPS##. This will cause confusion in the tree when going through multiple switches and hubs since several NDPS printers may have been set up using the same NDPS## setting in trees that were separate before the merge. The computers had OS's of Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP. The servers were all NW 6 sp3, eDirectory 8.7.1


  1. Go to the Printer configuration Page (Start -->Settings --> Control panel --> printers) and right-click the network printer having problems.
  3. Click ADD PORT --> NETWORK --> BROWSE
  4. Select the correct CONTEXT
  6. Click OK.

This should set the PORT to \\TREENAME\.PRINTER OBJECT.Context, which will then print.

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