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Posted: 10 Mar 2004


On a new NetWare 6 server, how do I create an LDIF file to import over 1000 users into an NDS I'm creating from scratch? I would be creating about 1100 student users (into the same OU) and want to create home directories at the same time -- as well as add them to groups.

Answer from down under (Robert Shera, Canberra, Australia):

I switched to LDIF this year from UIMPORT, and once I got the hang of it it was much easier. I do the following:

  1. Export the student data from your admin package to an Excel file.
  2. Create a Word document to mail merge the data from Excel into the required LDIF format.
  3. Merge the data to a new file, and save it as a text file.
  4. Import the data using the ConsoleOne Wizard or iManager.

I've attached a dummy Excel file and Word document to show you what I use.

(I do a bit of fancy stuff in my SQL extraction from the admin package. I create the last two columns of the spreadsheet with modified first names and surnames to construct the email addresses. These have spaces, apostrophes, etc. removed.)

I also use Homes, a free product from www.hbware.com to create the user home directories in the format I want (Users\School Year\First Name Last Name). There is a cheap ($20? approx) version that will also let you apply a template during the creation process if you need this.

It works well for me.

If you have any questions, you may contact Robert at robert.shera@stclaresc.act.edu.au

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