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Troubleshooting iManager

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Posted: 7 Apr 2004

iManager is a powerful Web-based management console tool. If you are using version 1.2 or 1.5 of iManager, there are some troubleshooting tips that could save you a lot of time and effort. They are contained in these three TIDs:

  • 10076889 - a good place to get started with troubleshooting issues
  • 10078877 - deals with various errors, such as "Page Not Found" and iManager roles or tasks not displaying
  • 10077029 - deals with the iManager Internal Server Error
TID 10076889 - Getting Started
  • The browser version should be IE 5.5 (or Netscape 6.2 in simple mode) or higher.
  • Check for port conflicts on the Web server (NDSiMonitor or HTTP stack).
  • On the Web app server, make sure the Tomcat port is bound; for Win32, make sure the Jakarta/Apache/IIS service is running.
  • Check that Java is running or NICI is working.
  • HTTP Stack: On NetWare, HTTPSTK.NLM must be loaded and SADMIN password must be set.
TID 10078877 - Setup and Error Fixes
  • Verify that SSL is configured and running correctly. You can use TCPCON to find the required ports 443, 636, and 2200.
  • If you are having problems logging in or authenticating use the IP address of the server you have iManager installed on in place of the tree name.
  • Make sure you have connectivity to this server from the client by pinging the IP address.
  • Configure the roles and tasks properly (see the TID for detailed instructions).
TID 10077029 - Internal Server Error
  • This happens when a fresh install of NetWare 6 is patched to SP2.
  • The normal Tomcat listening messages never appear. In tomcat\33\conf there is a zero-byte nwapps-NSearch.xml file that Tomcat tries to parse.
  • Remove that file and restart Tomcat. You should get the familiar Tomcat startup messages, and iManager should work.

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