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Posted: 6 May 2004

Here are two recent DLU tips, contributed by readers Joel Otero and Mark Lamont.

Joel: Accessing Microsoft domain servers via DLU

Here's a neat trick to use access your Microsoft domain servers while still using DLU and keeping your workstations in a workgroup.

net use drive: \\servername\share /user:domainname\%username%
<------Use this method to map a shared drive for a user application.
net use drive: \\servername\ipc$ /user:domainname\%username%
<----Use this method to just make an authenticated connection to the server, such as using MS SQL on that server.

For instance, if I wanted to map drive x: to share secret on the msmachine server in the XYZ domain, I would type

"net use x: \\msmachine\secret /user:xyz\%username%".

The nice thing about this is that you can use it as a pre-launch script when you use Zen for Desktops, or launch it as a batch file. The %username% gets replaced from whoever logged into eDirectory and was created by a DLU. It does not require the creation of generic user, and the password does not show in plain text. Plus, your workstations don't have to go in AD or an NT4 domain, and you can use Novell DLU and still map MS resources easily.

Mark: Easily adding a workstation to the domain

To add a workstation to the domain,

  1. Use either a login script or a nal object to run a batch file.
  2. In the batch file, use netdom.exe to add the workstation and net.exe to add appropriate domain groups to workstation's local groups.
  3. Create a domain user that has only permissions to add workstations into the domain and use this user in the script.
  4. Make sure the user running the script is a workstation admin. This can be easily done with a DLU.
  5. Make sure you are using correct version of netdom for the O/S, as the commands are slightly different.

The following example is for Windows XP:

c:\netdom.exe join %computername%
    /domain:<domainname>/userD:<username> /PasswordD:<password>
net localgroup Administrators /ADD "<domainname\groupname>"
net localgroup "Power Users" /ADD "<domainname\groupname>"

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