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Upgrade Tips for eDirectory 8.7.3

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Posted: 14 Jul 2004

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you're ready to upgrade to eDirectory 8.7.3.

Backing Up Trustees

Before you upgrade to 8.7.3, you may want to back up your trustees, then restore them to the upgraded server. You can use trustee.nlm to do the backups, or use the TBackup utility. For more information on TBackup, see TID 10062363.

Remember that TBackup must be run on every volume on the server. So, if you have SYS, VOL1 and DATA volumes, you'll need to run the utility 3 separate times as well as copy the 2 files mentioned above to each of the volumes. It will create three separate TRESTORE.BAT files (unfortunately, it will name them all the same as well) and store the file at the root of every volume. Once the batch file is created, you can rename it to any filename, as long as the .BAT extension is kept. And remember that TBackup doesn't support long file names.

What to Upgrade First

Users sometimes ask what should be upgraded first when moving to eDirectory 8.7.3. It's recommend to upgrade the master of root first. That way you can be sure that all the new schema extensions gets synched out to all servers in the tree. After this you work your way down the tree partition for partition.

However, if for some reason you don't want to upgrade the server holding the master of root first, then move the master of root replica to the server that you want to upgrade first.

Health Check

As with all upgrades, make sure you have healthy servers with the latest support packs, and a healthy tree. Check out TID 10060600 for details on health checks.

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