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eDirectory 8.7.3 Update for Linux and Solaris

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Posted: 11 Aug 2004

This patch is an update to the original release of Novell eDirectory 8.7.3. It contains all fixes and updates since eDirectory 8.7.3 shipped. This update is for the Linux and Solaris platforms only. For the full details, see TID 2969272.

Important: Install this edir8732_ls.tgz file only on a full installation of eDirectory 8.7.3; eDirectory 8.7.3 already be installed on the server. If the server is running an earlier version of eDirectory you must upgrade that server's version of eDirectory to 8.7.3 before applying this patch. The full 8.7.3 product can be found at This patch can then be applied.

Installation Procedure
  1. 1) Download the tarred compressed file to your UNIX system.
  2. 2) Extract the file using the following command: gzip -dc edir8732_ls.tgz | tar xvf -
  3. 3) Change to the edir8732_ls directory.
  4. 4) Ensure eDirectory has been completly stopped first by using the following command, depending on the platform. For Linux: /etc/init.d/ndsd stop For Solaris: /etc/init.d/ndsd stop
  5. 5) Enter ./ [options] as the root user.

The installation script can take the following options:

  • -f -- force -- Force the installation of the patch at all costs (continues on failure).
  • -s -- showall -- Display the package versions that are installed for Novell products.
  • -i -- showinstalled -- Display the installed package versions for the packages that are included in this patch.
  • -n --noansi -- Disable the use of ANSI colors. If the terminal type is 'xterm' then colors will be disabled by default.
  • -y -- yesansi -- Enable the use of ANSI colors.
  • -ne -- noerrors -- Disable the display of expanded error messages that are shown when an error is generated.
  • -u -- unattended -- Allows the patch to be installed in unattended mode. Will stop if an error is encounted unless the --force switch is also used.
  • -a -- autostart -- Attempt to start the product after the installation process.
  • -h -- help -- Displays this command line help.
Issues Fixed


  • NetMail would fail to read attributes from eDirectory randomly
  • Value Indexes now have limit of 128 chars for text pieces of keys. To update existing indexes, they must be rebuilt via DSRepair -> Structural rebuild
  • FLAIM fix for incorrect parameter being passed
  • Resolved a -608 error that occurred when moving an custom object class that had been extended with an Auxillary Class
  • Resolved a -632 error when opening the database after the synchronization thread count was set to 16 via NDS iMonitor
  • Resolved issue with ICE timing out during an LDAP query when using a large number of filters >=1000
  • Fixed issue on AIX where the ndsd script does not utilize the NDS_CONF environment variable
  • ndsd daemon no longer hangs when loading the memory manager library on Solaris 9 with the newer Solaris patch clusters (TID 10091668)
  • Solaris will now auto detect if DirXML is installed and set the memory manager settings appropriately so that DirXML 2.0 does not hang when starting
  • Shutdown timeout when stopping ndsd has been increased to 30 seconds with progress dots and a message logged to ndsd.log if ndsd has not shutdown by expiration of the timeout
  • /var/nds/s-n4ucmd now has correct permissions set
  • Resolved issue checking if a cloned DIB is opened


  • DSRepair will now allow you to abort out of an external reference check


  • Resolved issue of not being able to create indexes via LDAP for an attribute that has a colon or a space in the attribute name
  • The attributes creatorsName and modifiersName now display the value in LDAP notation
  • EVT_PARTITION_STATE_CHG event now is reported correctly
  • Memory allocations now have added checking for out of memory conditions
  • Issue resolved with LBURP adding container objects and the leaf objects directly underneath
  • Resolved issue with nldap segfaulting that could be exposed by modifying a dynamic group that contains members


  • DSTrace could cause a CPU Hog abend after it's been running for 2 or 3 hours


  • Resolved issue with Hot Continuous Backup (HCB) on Solaris where it would segfault during restoration of DIB
  • Fixed text output formatting issue with the schema eMTool
  • Schema eMTool now displays the target server name
  • eMBoxClient now displays more detailed messages when errors occur
  • eMBoxClient now has correct descriptions for the dsmerge eMTool
  • DSMerge eMTool now has the ability via the -x switch to perform unattended renaming, merging or grafting of trees
  • Messages relating to network addresses being more than 60 days old now display as a NOTICE instead of an ERROR
  • DSBK.NLM no longer treats all text following the load of the module as a parameter
  • Resolved issued with the backup progress display showing as negative numbers after the 2GB mark was reached
  • Resolved issue with displaying the current Roll Forward Log (RFL) filename in decimal instead of hex when displaying the current configuration with the "getconfig" command
  • Resolved issue of not being able to open the database with the "restadv" option in the backup eMTool


  • All authorized ranges are now scanned rather than just the first one


  • Resolved a segfault that was being caused with running ice -R without valid options
  • Issue resolved with ICE and the DirLOAD handler in the way it handled certain the formatting of certain strings
  • Resolve issues with ICE and double byte characters


  • SNMP Agent reconnecting issue resolved
  • Resolved abend when SNMP Traps 5 (ndsAddValue) and 114 (ndsACLModify) were enabled and modify operation performed
  • Fix for abend when unloading the SNMP sub agent

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