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Leveraging eDirectory with Apple Workgroup Manager

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By Randall R. Saeks

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Posted: 18 Aug 2004

Now you can Manage Macintosh users through Apple's Workgroup Manager, using the current eDirectory structure, thanks to this tip sent in by reader Randy Saeks (

Note - This solution assumes that the Macintosh workstations can already login via LDAP.

The Steps

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Obtain the schema extensions to apply to the directory, from the OS X Labs website (
  2. Apply the schema extensions to the tree that will be used.
  3. Once the schema has been extended, add the extension "apple-user" to a test user account via ConsoleOne.
  4. Name the extensions of this object to be the same as the user name.
  5. On the user account, select properties of the user, scroll to the other tab, and click on add. Select the attributes apple-mcxflags and apple-mcxsettngs. These are the two attributes that will be modified later by Workgroup Manager.
  6. On the Macintosh running Workgroup Manager, open the directory access application (in Applications/Utilities).
  7. Select LDAPv3 from the main window, then click Configure.
  8. Select the current LDAP profile in use and click Edit.
  9. On the Search and Mappings tab, go to the Users Record Type and click add. These settings will apply to the user.
  10. In the listing that comes up, make sure Attribute Types is selected, then add mcxsettings and mcxflags.
  11. Find the attributes you added under the User record type.
  12. Click mcxsettings, and on the right pane click Add.
  13. Enter "apple-mcxsettings."
  14. Click mcxflags and click Add.
  15. Enter "apple-mcxflags." This will map the local Apple settings to the eDirectory provided attributes.
  16. Open workgroup manager, and for the Directory, change it from root to the LDAP profile.

From there, you can select a user and manage the preferences for that user, and the settings will then be saved in the eDirectory values.

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