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NMAS Server Maintenance Release

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Posted: 29 Sep 2004

A maintenance release has been issued for NMAS Server that ships with eDirectory. This patch,, is for NMAS 2.2 and NMAS 2.3.x. Note that eDirectory 8.7.1.x or eDirectory 8.7.3 and NICI 2.4.2 or later must be installed on the server before applying this patch. The currently preferred version of eDirectory is 8.7.3 IR2 and the currently preferred version of NICI is 2.6.4, as those are the versions that have been tested most fully with this patch. See also TID 2969663.

Note: Older versions of the NMAS 2.1, NMAS 2.2 or NMAS 2.3.x clients can run against NMAS NMAS Server. Older NMAS methods can also be run against the new NMAS Server.


For Windows and Netware servers, use a windows decomression utility that supports tgz, I.E. WinZip to extract nmsrv234.tgz to a temporary directory on the server where the patch will be applied.

For Netware, use NWConfig and install the product by pointing NWConfig to the [volume:temp directory]\nmas2342\NmasNW\. Follow the installation prompts.

For Windows, go to the [temp directory]\nmas2342\NmasWin. Run the install.bat and follow the installation prompts.

For Unix servers,

1) Use gzip and tar to decompress and extract the tarball to a temporary directory where the patch will be applied (i.e., gzip -d -c nmsrv2342.tgz | tar xvf -)

Note: Unix users can verify that the file was downloaded correctly by running cksum against the file. The cksum output is 2727605892 2493707 nmsrv2342.tgz.

2) Go to the [temp directory]/nmas2342/Unix directory.

3) Run the script. It will detect whether you are on Linux or on Unix, including the Unix platform if applicable, and install the cooresponding packages.

Note: If you want to bypass the install scripts, you can manually install the packages by going to the corresponding platforms directory under Unix and installing the package from that directory. (You will have to remove the existing packages first).


Fixed with NMAS

  • -610 error importing passwords in LDIF when "Store NMAS Simple Passwords" is set.
  • Simple password set with ldap causes -610 error with nmas.nlm 2.68.
  • LDAP-related issues with Challenge Response Method if the user name has a dot in it.
  • Failed receiving server DH public value.
  • Dotted names return -610 illegal DS name in Challenge Response.

Fixed with NMAS

  • Enabling Universal Password can cause services/NLMs to fail to login to the directory.
  • LDAP NMAS extensions decrement grace login remaining count incorrectly.
  • Failure getting identity on DClient with private connections.
  • SSL communicatin stops on Linux server.
  • Password policy check needs to check if password history is full.
  • Network address restriction for IP is not working if the remote replica is accessed.

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