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Tip: Solving a ConsoleOne Install Bug on Linux

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By John Hurst

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Posted: 27 Oct 2004

Here's a brief tip sent in by Cool Solutions reader John Hurst. Keep those tips coming in, and remember you'll get a cool (and free) T-shirt if we publish yours!


There appears to be a problem installing ConsoleOne onto a Linux SUSE box if you install eDirectory 8.7.3, then patch it beyond that.

The ConsoleOne installer will complain by telling you that it needs eDirectory 8.7.3 and you only have (for example) After that it fails and will not go any further.


Here are the steps to solve the problem:

  1. Start up a Shell session (Konsole).
  2. At the console, enter 'su' to login as root.
  3. Supply the password.
  4. Navigate to the ./c1-install file.
  5. Edit this file with (horrors!) vi. For example: vi c1-install
  6. Find the line that says 'nds_version=8.7.3' and change it to read 'nds_version= (or whatever patch version you are at). You will have to type "I" for insert mode to change the text.
  7. Save the file by pressing ESC, then SHIFT-ZZ.
  8. Run the install file.

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