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Troubleshooting Error -613

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Posted: 3 Nov 2004

"Error -613 attempting to edit NDSPKI:SD Key Server DN attribute on the W0 object via the Other tab in ConsoleOne."

Has this happened to you? TID 10090892 describes the symptoms and explains that you need to call NTS (Novell Technical Services) to have the problem resolved. But leave it to one of our resourceful Cool Solutions readers to come up with a home-grown remedy to the problem. It worked for him, and it may work for you ...

The Solution

The strategy here is to use the SDIDIAG tool to remove a blank attribute. The blank attribute could have been mistakenly entered in either ConsoleOne or SDIDIAG. Below are the steps I followed (causing the problem and solving the problem):

  1. Added a security domain server to my environment.
  2. Opened SDIDIAG (switches and options for this tool are found in TID 10086669).
  3. At the SDIDIAG prompt, typed "AS" without anything following it and pressed Enter by error. SDIDIAG accepted the null value and said it was OK.
  4. Went into C1 to see the result of my mistyping - it was a blank line.
  5. Tried to delete the bad value in C1 and got the -613 error.
  6. Used SDIDIAG again and this time typed "RS" without any value after it. SDIDIAG was happy again (OK) and the blank attribute went away.

Note that the SDIDIAG command should be done from the MASTER of the ROOT partition.

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