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NetWare Control Center 1.4: NetWare Logfile- and Event-Viewer

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Posted: 11 Aug 2004

Check out this nifty free tool. NetWare Control Center is an advanced Logfile- and Event-Viewer for NetWare.

You can use it to:

  • Check-out for intruder lock-outs in thousands of entries in a few seconds
  • Filter critical or fatal entries to check the health of your servers
  • Search for specific events for diagnostic purposes
  • Fast detect exceeded record lock thresholds
  • Salvage, view and analyze previous CONSOLE.LOG files
  • Check CRONLOG files (find-, filter- and goto enabled)
  • Save Logfiles for archiving purposes
  • Easily analyze Logfiles through a graphical visualization

Here is a feature list:

  • Multiple Tree support
  • NetWare 4.x - 6.x support
  • Logfile Management (analyzing, archiving)
  • Powerful search- and filter-options
  • Clearly arranged event properties dialog
  • Graphical Logfile visualization
  • Deep in event information (error type, error #, source, category, error message)
  • Supporting different server languages
  • Server Management (single management console for all servers)
  • Remote Maintenance (supporting IP and IPX)
  • Web-Support Links (quick hyperlinks to important Novell Web sites)
  • TID-Finder (quick access to Novell Technical Information Documents)
  • TID-History (pick up requested TID's by TID Title)
  • Error Code Translator (converting NetWare Error Codes to strings)
  • Start Context Support for browsing the network
  • XP-Menu Style and more


Download for free from here.

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