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Keeping Track of the Network

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Posted: 11 Jan 2001

Even in routine, standard maintenance of your network, you will often find yourself tracking huge inventories of network components, cable layout diagrams, and serial number documentation. Sometimes, getting access to the information you need to properly troubleshoot your file servers takes longer than actually fixing the problem.

When it comes to tracking information about your network's file servers, you could try the console command that enables you to quickly access the configuration information for each file server.

At your file server's command console prompt, type:


and press [Enter].

When you do, an ASCII text file named CONFIG.NFO is written to your file server's SYS:\SYSTEM subdirectory. You can access the file contents with any text editor to view information such as:

  • File server name
  • Operating system version and revision
  • Licensed connections
  • Serial number
  • File server memory
  • LAN adapter address
  • LAN adapter protocols
  • Hard drive drivers
  • Volume settings

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