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Letting Students Use NetStorage from Home Securely

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By James Davey

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Updated: 1 Dec 2004

[Update: there was an error in the login script as originally posted. The 1 should be in quotes: "1". Sorry for the confusion.]

We have recently opened NetStorage to our students and we want them to have access to their user folders from home, but not to all the other network resources they are mapped to when they are in school. Here's our method of controlling access.

By modifying the user login script, we can control what drives get mapped to a user when they are within our network, and what drives get mapped when they use NetStorage from home.

Our login script contains lines that look similar to the following:

If <webaccess><>"1" then
map h:=%home_directory
map y:=server\vol
map z:=server2\vol

This will map the user's home directory and other volumes only when they are NOT using NetStorage, thus enabling us to control their access to network resources from home.

Also, since NetStorage automatically shows the user's home directory, not using the above script would result in the home directory appearing twice when using NetStorage, once from the NetStorage display and again from the drive mapping in the login script. This way it only appears once along with whatever other resources we wish them to have from home.

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