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Customizing the Login Splash Screen

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By Patrice Clement, Robert Koestler

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Posted: 27 Jan 2000

Do you want your company's logo or slogan, (or your face?) to appear on the Login screen, so everyone remembers their raison d'etre every day when they fire up their machines? Novell does this at Brainshare every year, and we always get questions about how this was done. Here's how to do it on Win 95/98 and Win NT machines.

Win 95/98

For the Novell Client 3.1 for Windows 95/98, there is a NWDRVLGO.BMP file which is the login splash bitmap. You can replace it with whatever bitmap you want. There doesn't seem to be any constraint of size or color depth.

Win NT

For the Novell Client 4.6 for Windows NT, it is even better since there is a setting in the Client Properties / Advanced Login tab which is pointing to the NWELCOME.BMP file. You can change that to point to any other bitmap file you want.

In addition to that, you can also define the title of the dialog bog ("Begin Login" by default). Last but not least, you can use ZENworks to control that (through an NT Workstation Package / Client Configuration Policy). That way, you can define different bitmaps for different group of workstations if you wish so.

You can even replace the picture which is shown after the NWELCOME.BMP (CTRL+ALT+DEL). To replace the banner use the following registry settings in key Path

  • String value: Image
    This is the path to a .BMP file. This file will be used for the banner. The true width of the banner is determined by the font being used. Larger fonts will allow wider bitmaps. It is suggested that the width of the image not exceed 400 pixels. The height of banner is dynamically determined at run time so any reasonable size may be used. If Image is not set, no banner will be shown.

  • String value: Brush
    This is the path to a .BMP file containing an 8x8 pixel bitmap. This pattern will be used to paint the background of the banner. If Brush is not set, the background will be drawn the same color as buttons.

  • String value: Color Scheme
    This is the path to a .BMP file containing a 3x1 pixel bitmap. The pixel at 1,1 will be used for the "transparent" color. That is, any pixel in the image file that is this color will be painted as transparent. The pixel at 2,1 will be used as the highlight color and the pixel at 3,1 will be used as the shadow color when drawing the 3D bevel effect on the banner. If Color Scheme is not set, there will be no transparency and the 3D effect will be drawn using the system defined colors for 3D highlight and shadow.

  • DWORD value: Stretch
    0 leaves the bitmap "as is" when painting it. 1 causes the bitmap to be stretch horizontally to fit across the window. If Stretch is not set, there will be no stretching.

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