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Why Can't I Ping my Server when I can Ping my Workstations?

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By Sandy Duncan

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Posted: 9 Feb 2001

This might help you troubleshoot your Internet connectivity.

If your network uses Static IP addresses and you access the internet through a router (e.g. DSL modem), the default router address must be set up for each node. If you are having difficulty pinging your server, you may find that the default router address was set up for your workstations but not for your server.

If that's the case, here's how you fix it.

  1. Go into inetcfg/Protocols/TCP/ip to the Lan Static routing option.
  2. Enable Lan Static routing and then choose Lan Static Routing Table.
  3. That will bring up an empty list. Press insert and get a list of choices.
  4. For Route Type choose default route.
  5. Then for the Next Hop Router, put in the address of the default gateway.
  6. Save it all and Restart Server.

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