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Time Sync and Stratum Time Sources

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By Jon Christensen

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Posted: 23 Feb 2001

Current Version: NSBS 5

Time Sync continues to be a hot topic. Here's an interesting little tidbit about what a stratum time source is.

Time sources that are used throughout the network for clocking digital telephony signals (T1, DS-3, etc.) as well as the time sources used for NTP are categorized by their level of accuracy and denoted as stratum 1 through 5, with a stratum 1 clock being the most accurate and the ultimate time source for all other clocks. If a time source gets its time from a stratum 1 source, it is not a stratum 1 clock.

Novell's implementation of NTP reports itself as a stratum 1 time source, even though it may be getting its time from a stratum 2 or lower time source.

Since a NW server reports itself as a stratum 1 clock, everything that points to it trusts it as the most accurate time source and will adjust its time accordingly.

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