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Fix for Users Who are Consuming Two Licenses Per Connection

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Posted: 30 Aug 2002

If you thought we were going to introduce a miracle motivation tool, we're sorry ... but we can show you how to keep your users from consuming double their share of licenses when they log into the network.

This problem crops up on NetWare 6 networks just about the time Support Pack 2 is applied It appears that there's a problem the Support Pack 2 version of NLSLSP.NLM. There is a permanent fix on the way but until it's released, here's a workaround.

The workaround
Backrev NLSLSP.NLM to the previous version. The previous version is found on the NetWare 6 install CD (it was not updated in Support Pack 1).

  1. Copy NLSLSP.NLM from the CD path SYS\SYSTEM\NLSLSP.NLM to the server path SYS:SYSTEM\NLSLSP.NLM. Unload NLSLSP at the server console, and after about 10 seconds it will reload itself.
  2. Once it reloads, you should see most of the duplicate license assignments go away.
  3. Those that remain, clear them with NWADMN32, or iManage.

For more information or updates to this tip, see TID-10073805

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