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Configuring the Platform Agent on NetWare

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Posted: 22 Nov 2004

If you have installed the Novell Audit Platform Agent on NetWare, it may happen that no events get logged, or that the local cache file grows to be very large. Not to worry, however - with a few simple configuration steps you can solve these problems. After installing the Platform Agent (PA), the configuration steps described below will ensure that events are being sent to the logging server, and that the proper events are being logged. See also TID 10089097.

Configuration Steps

1. Modify the logevent.cfg located in SYS:\ETC.

The minimum configuration required is to set the LOGHOST address. If the Platform Agent is not on the same server as the Secure Logging Server (SLS), this address should be the IP address of the SLS. (Note: DNS names do not work.) You might also want to configure the LogReconnectInterval setting; by default this is 10 minutes. Once configured, the PA will try to reconnect to the SLS at the interval specified should the connection to the SLS be broken.

2. Configure the eDirectory, Filesystem, and Netware OS instrumentation by following these steps:

  1. In iManager, access the NCP server object.
  2. From the eDirectory Administration task list, select Modify Object.
  3. Browse for server object. This is the NCP server object, in the tree, not the Secure Logging Server object in the Logging Services container.
  4. Click on the Novell Audit tab. Below the tab, there will links to the individual components, eDirectory, NetWare, and Filesystem. Check items in these component lists to determine which events will be sent to the SLS. It is necessary to configure each instrumentation, or no events will be logged. The default in most cases is "log nothing."

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