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How to install BorderManager 3.6 on NetWare 6

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Posted: 6 Dec 2001

Version: BorderManager 3.6

By popular demand, here is a short and sweet description of how to install BorderManager 3.6 on the new NetWare 6. Enjoy!

  1. Verify that the LAN cards you plan on running are tested and approved on NW6.
  2. Install NetWare 6.
  3. Re-boot the server and verify that the new Server OS install re-loads properly. Load INETCFG and transfer all LOAD & BINDS to the NETINFO file. Check PROTOCOLS > TCPIP. Make sure IP Packet Forwarding is set to Enabled("Router") if you have multiple LAN cards. Also make sure that LAN Static Routing is enabled and that a Default Route has been specified. Check the DNS Resolver Configuration and the addresses of DNS servers.
  4. Re-boot the server. Make sure INETCFG is not loaded.
  5. Place the BorderManager 3.6 CD in the CDROM and load CDROM. The BMEE36 volume should mount.
  6. Install BorderManager from the X Server -- Graphical Console. Install from the ROOT of the BorderManager 3.6 CD that should now be mounted.
    After the 3.6 install you must immediately install BM36SP1A.EXE DO NOT RE-BOOT THE SERVER BEFORE INSTALLING BM36SP1A.EXE. The BM 3.6 install will downgrade many critical OS NLMs that need to be replaced prior to re-booting the server. Otherwise, it will abend when it re-loads. BM36SP1A.EXE will put the original files back in place.
  7. Tune the server for BorderManager as per TID 10018669: BorderManager Proxy and Cache Performance and Tuning
  8. If you are planning to run VPN, SOCKS or PROXY services as well as Native File Access on the server, please refer to TID 10065584: Error "Failed to authenticate Token Password"

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