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Resetting the Default BorderManager Filters

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Posted: 13 Dec 2001

Current version: BorderManager 3.6

We've had some inquiries from people who have configured a bunch of BorderManager filters, and would like to erase them all and start fresh with the default filters that ship with the product. Here's how to do it:

  1. Unload IPFLT, IPXFLT, AND FILTSRV at the console.
  2. Disable filter support in INETCFG/PROTOCOLS/TCPIP and IPX.
  3. Rename the SYS:ETC/FILTERS.CFG.
  4. Reinitialize system.
  6. Say NO to launch INETCFG.NLM.
  7. Select Set filters on the Public interface.
  8. Select the PUBLIC interface and enter on continue.
  9. Hit ENTER when prompted to acknowledge both IP and IPX filter placement success.
  10. Hit ESCAPE to leave BRDCFG.NLM. The system will be reinitialized automatically.

For more info, see TID 10013153

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