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New Version of ADM.NLM for BorderManager 3.5 and 3.6

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Posted: 4 Jan 2002

This version of ADM.NLM addresses an abend when multiple "Access Challenges" are received from the RSA SecurID ACE server through RADCLNT.NLM. The ACE server issues an "Access Challenge when the SecurID token is out of sync.

This Access Challenges can be monitored on the Novell RADIUS Services screen:

[2001-02-03 02:12:42 PM] Access Challenged, testuser1
[2001-02-03 02:12:59 PM] Access Challenged, testuser2

Note on Access Challenge functionality

SecurID token users will be unable to change their token pin via a Windows Terminal screen, as this functionality was never fully implemented in the code. An enhancement request has been entered to get this functionality built into future versions of BorderManager.

Fixes included from BM35ADM3.EXE

This version of ADM.NLM contains a NDS password expiration fix for proxy.
The NDS password expiration was not being enforced, allowing RADIUS users to authenticate regardless of whether the password had expired.

Fixes included from BM35ADM2.EXE

Contains a fix for a NDS Iteration Handling problem that exists in ADM.NLM.
Users get rejected with "Invalid Password" or "Unable to Locate Authentication Rule" errors. To correct this problem the appropriate NDS buffer read iteration code was added to the policy retrieval code in the ADM.NLM.

Installation Instructions

  1. Explode BM35ADM5.EXE into a temporary directory.
  2. Unload ADM.NLM. If you are running RADIUS, you can use RADSTOP.ncf. If you are using other BMEE 3.5 services such as Proxy or VPN, you must manually unload these dependent modules before ADM.NLM will unload.
  3. Make a backup copy of your current ADM.NLM (ex. Rename F:\SYSTEM\ADM.NLM ADM.OLD)
  4. Copy the new ADM.NLM from your temporary directory to SYS:SYSTEM.
  5. Reload ADM.NLM (in addition to other BMEE 3.5 services) or restart the server.


To download the file, see TID 2961122

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